Love and truths for NIFW

I want to avoid using FOL as a request center for NIFW, but I thought this could appeal to you guys. For Friday's issue, we'll be publishing love truths in honor of Valentine's day and I'm looking for a couple more submissions to finish the piece off.

We see movies and we listen to songs and try to find our truths about them (maybe I might even be so bold to say that we try to find the truth about love through art) and I want to make the point that people, ordinary people, are capable of verbalizing their own truths about love everyday. Like in emails (either to the other person in the relationship or to a friend about the relationship). Or in letters. Or a short memory about a moment about love... we'll publish everything anonymously.

If you have something to submit, won't you please send it to noisforwimps@gmail.com? Can't wait to read them...

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