During today's visit to scrounge up caffeine...

Me: And finally... one large, hot, passion tea.
*Barista boy starts making order.
Me (quietly to Eliza): Did you hear what I just said? That's the sexiest thing I've ever said at a Starbucks.
Cashier: Tell me what you ordered so I can ring you up?
Me: Oh, um, just a large tea.
Barista boy (from across the bar): One Large Passion.
Me: Yeah... that was it.

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Suffragettes said...

One day at Starbcuk's

Me : One latte please
Barista boy : What's your name please ?
Me : Geraldine
Barista : Can I call you G ? (on the cup)
Me to my friend with low voice : We barely know each other !!
Barista boy : voiceless and red faced