Lighter in the pants!

Today at work Stephanie told me that she thinks the 40DC is working because I look 'lighter in my pants.' Silly Frenchies and their ESL... last week we had to teach her what "BS" and "BYOB" mean.

One of my favorite things lately is to skip the gym and take a long walk around Brooklyn once a week. Usually I listen to the most recent installment of This American Life and tonight was no exception. I love how my memories of the stories are superimposed over the different neighborhoods, wet pavement, and nighttime shadows.

A few weeks ago I walked the Promenade, listening to the Valentine's day episode and now the darkened brownstones across from the city will forever echo Richard Bausch's voice to me. He read a letter that he'd written to his wife on the eve of his 70th birthday and dammit if I didn't start crying right there on the Promenade in the middle of a minor snowstorm.

Tonight, as with so many other episodes, I got giggly instead of weepy; this happened just about the same time I hit a street that was a bit emptier than I would have liked. So there I am, walking quicker to get back to one of the residential streets, and giggling out loud to myself, well-aware that I look drunk or crazy or both.

Or possibly just lighter in my pants.

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