No hablas Espagnol

There aren't many people on the street when I leave my apartment in the morning, but this morning I noticed a man walking a little way behind me.

"bah bah Bah bah-de-DAH-Dah-da*," he yelled in Spanish.

I didn't pay much attention. People yell things in Spanish all the time here. It's Brooklyn.

"bah bah Bah bah-de-DAH-Dah-da."

I heard it again, and then again, and then again. So I turned around to see if he looked in distress or in pain or seemed to be pointing at a large object about to fall on my head.

Nothing. Just a regular guy, ok, perhaps questionable facial hair, walking with four brown shopping bags. Stapled. Like takeout food.

"bah bah Bah bah-de-DAH-Dah-da. bah bah Bah bah-de-DAH-Dah-da."

What the hell was he yelling? I giggled to myself for the rest of the four-block walk to the Subway thinking of potentials:

"God damn, these bags are HEAVy!"
"This takeout food is 12 hours late!"
"I am SO FINE."
"YOU are SO FINE." (flattering, yet sketchy)
"Who wants to buy a $30 salon gift certificate?!"

And so on. I gotta learn me some Spanish one of these days. You know, for those early-morning potential conversationalists.

*Interpretation from someone who does not speak Spanish.

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Suffragettes said...

That's exactly the way I hear Spanish !!