Well, here comes the big news. I quit my job on Friday.

I know! I know! HUGE stuff happening over here, HUGE, crazy, life-changing stuff.

Every part of the job quitting process has felt like a break-up, a bad one, one that you know is the best thing for everyone involved but that people are probably going to cry over it, cry big buckets of guilt-provoking tears. And oh, the guilt! The glorious guilt! I haven't felt that much guilt since... well, pretty recently actually, it was last year around this time when I broke up with Aurel and had to ask him to move out. Consider this the annual guilt-fest, then!

I'm not going to get into it (being of the dooce generation), but I'm now on a 4-week countdown until the old job ends and the new job starts. What, you didn't think I was going to be the girl without a back-up, did you? The new job is going to be pretty freaking great and every time I think about plunging into new-ness, I get a little weak in the knees.

But what I am right now is the girl with a very overloaded brain; finishing up at the ex-job will be intense right up until the end and I'm already wanting to think about the new job. My head during my commute home tonight was noisier than an Irish pub and the list of things to do and prepare and get squared away seems not only endless, but completely disorganized. When I remembered that tax day is less than a month away, I realized that there is but one solution to the next month: a fail-proof combo of a whole lot of Yoga and a damn good Excel spreadsheet.

Great in '08, people. Get excited!


Anonymous said...

love that "getting Dooced" is actually a relevant fear these days... good job being careful. and still so excited for you & newness!

Erica said...

congrats on the new job, friendo!!

Edith said...

congrats for a new career!
so what's the new job gonna be?
do we have to wait a month to know?
good luck darling