Fact: A few months ago, I told my roommates that I was going to start smiling at strangers more often in the subway and on the street because I thought it would make New York a better place (blah) and possibly get a reaction from the potential subway soul mates I was meeting day after day (yay).

Somehow this decision has resulted in some kind of transformation that I can only describe as etching "TALK TO ME" on my forehead. Tonight I took a late train home and was pretty sleepy on the ride back to the city, but this guy sitting next to me dragged me out of my nap and into a conversation about philosophy and Obama. I'm a polite kind of girl, so I obliged his chattiness.

World, meet my fatal flaw. Because just as Grand Central Terminal (and the lure of the subway) pried him off of me, I vaguely smiled in the direction of some guy with a clipboard.

Note to self: NEVER smile at someone with a clipboard. It will automatically cost you at least $30 and you'll walk away with a gift certificate to a hair salon/spa for somewhere hundreds of blocks north of where you live. At least, that's what happened to me. And it is probably a good deal, all things said and done, but I didn't need to spend $30 tonight, especially since I was essentially sleepwalking. There must be a clause in the return policy covering unconscious commuters!

It's just that look, that proud yet pitiful look that screams "come on dude, I'm a starving actor/musician/artist/NYU student and I wouldn't be trying this marketing scheme out on you if I didn't have to eat." And so of course I bought it, I told Matt the salesman that he did a good job and that I'd buy his stupid haircut coupon, manicure and all.

Somewhere there's a truckload of Karma coming my way, that's all I'm sayin'.

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