Brooklyn Newsletter, Month Four

Dear Brooklyn,

Sometimes when I start these monthly letters, I feel like Posh Spice writing to her son. Can you imagine if she had a blog and wrote to him, documenting the changes and experiences of the past month? "Dear Brooklyn, This month your Daddy made seven trillion dollars by posing in his underwear and appearing on billboards. Love, Posh-Mama."

Well Brooklyn, my Brooklyn, no one I know made seven trillion dollars this month and I sure as hell didn't strip down to my skinnies and smile for Times Square. What did happen this month is that I GOT A NEW JOB and I QUIT MY OLD JOB, two big events that warrant Lifetime for Women movies at some point in my future. My new job is with a software start-up in midtown (my commute drops to 25 minutes instead of 90! score!) and I'll be doing Communications and Marketing for them, among other things yet to be named. Maybe I'll even take photos for them while the company competes in an Iron Chef competition. Oh wait, I already did.

It could have been the warmer weather or the higher ratio of sunny days to cloudy crap, but my camera has gotten a work-out in recent weeks. Spending more time in Manhattan has been giving me the opportunity to take photos in a way that reminds me of living in Paris... it must have something to do with living and working in a big city that accounts for the butt load of inspiration I feel just walking down the street.

I've also been investigating Brooklyn more this month, delving into some unknown parts. Just in time too, because our dear Sarah Mclo has decided to move out at the end of May. She won't be moving that far (and clearly I have no ground to stand on because I pick up and move continents on her all the time). The apartment that she'll be sharing with Justin is within walking distance from our current place, so I feel pretty good about that. Because you never know when an emergency could come up, like "MUST WATCH THE FELICITY BOGGLE EPISODE NOW!" This happens more often than you think.

This month has been busy, socially speaking, and I was lucky enough to brunch with Erica this past weekend and show her around my borough. We've gone in totally different directions since I left Clermont in 2004 and it's a crazy mind-bender to talk with her about where we've been and where we're going. It's also fantastic to hear the news of all of our friends who come from CF; it reminded me of how my uncles catch my Mom up when we go to rural Pennsylvania to visit family. So many of the local legends have remained in our lives (to one extent or another), and catching up on the Promenade connected me back to our beloved Auvergne again.

Maybe it's ironic then that March was the month that Single Saturdays was conceived then. Once in a while, I just get really tired of being by myself and not having another person to plan things with. This feeling hit especially hard a few weeks ago and I realized that there must be so many others out there in this huge city who want to be united, who want to have something to look forward to. By the time I write the next monthly letter, we'll have had our first event and I know it's going to be a raging success, if only because Matthew has promised to attend and show us a little more of his pole-dancing moves that debuted last Saturday night. HOT.

With so much new-ness coming up in the next couple of months, I find myself wanting to hold tighter to the Brooklyn community that I'm starting to truly know. Two nights ago, the man who guards the fruits and vegetables across the street helped me choose the best asparagus and it put a little bounce in my step, knowing that we're on such friendly terms now. Recognizing each other is one thing; examining and choosing vegetables together? Well, we might as well just go ahead and consider ourselves family.


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bec said...

and you and the green grocer man can be even closer when you come home at 3am wasted. . realize that you have no money to pay for your cab. . then your grocer guy pays the cabbie. now THATSclose. (maybe a little TOOclose).