Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...

I spent the afternoon with the parents, who seem to be (collectively) losing their marbles. Particularly the Madre. I called her MONTHS ago to tell her that she should put Dad's phone number in her cell listed under ICE (in case of emergency), so that if anything ever happened, emergency people would look in her phone for the ICE number first.

So tonight at dinner we're talking about my new cell phone and the subject of ICE casually comes up...

Mom: ICE? What's that?
Me: You know, it's for emergencies. We talked about this.
Dad: Yeah, I have that in my phone in case I get run over while I'm riding my bike.
Me: MOM. We talked about this! I was crossing 3rd avenue. I distinctly remember the conversation.
Mom: Well there's a funny thing... when you call, it says ICE after your name. I always though that was something to do with your job.
Me: Yeah, Mom. Jen ICE. Cause I'm a RAPPER.


Anonymous said...

hah! ice ice baby. jen - tell her to flip that shit (has to come up under "i" for "ICE"... not "J")!

(ps - i can't figure out how to sign in as 'seasidesar' again...)

Suffragettes said...

Héhé. Super drôle cette note !