The End of an Era

In the days leading up to my High School graduation, everyone was in a fantastic mood. Finals were over, Yearbooks were out, and I remember spending the warm afternoons driving around Yorktown with the windows open. We were SENIORS and we were going to COLLEGE and before that we had one last SUMMER that stretched before us.

There was one guy in our class who was accepted to West Point and, instead of having summer vacation like the rest of us, he was headed to boot camp the day after graduation. That's the way the military works here; they accept you and then they steal you away before a summer of Italian Ices and girls in skirts change your mind.

Tomorrow is my last day at work and I feel like the guy who's headed off to the military the next day. I'm excited for my new job, but so burned out from the past four weeks that I can't even fathom being in another mindset on Monday morning. I tasted summer vacation this afternoon as I drove back to the office after lunch; the windows were down and the radio was blasting and I could almost feel the freedom of the last days of classes.

I scheduled a spa day for Saturday in the hopes of convincing myself that I have more than two days between jobs. Maybe a pedicure and massage will jumpstart my battery. Or if all else fails, there's always tomorrow night's champagne celebration with the girls. Champagne always seems to get things rolling...

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