Happy couples need not apply

Last night, I'm getting ready to go to Leigh's birthday party. iTunes is rocking out with its bad self. Dashboard Confessional comes on.
Me: Would you go to a Dashboard Confessional reunion concert with me*?
Goldie: Wait, did they break up?
Me: No. Maybe. I have no idea. But if they did and then they got back together, would you go?
Goldie: (hesitates) Maybe. But only if I'd just broken up with my boyfriend.
Me: Right, only if your boyfriend cheated on you with your next-door neighbor. Or your sister.
Goldie: That's the only way to be angry enough for their concerts.

*NKOTB is doing a reunion tour and neither Sarah or Goldie want to go. Much to my chagrin.


SeasideSar said...

i remember seeing a dashboard concert back in the day (before they sold out & became mainstream)... those were the days

Goldie said...

Did you weep bitterly and burn photos of an ex at this concert, Sar?

Leigh said...

Jen- I will Hang Tough with you anytime.