Not Native

You know you're among New Yorkers when everyone who enters your subway car takes one look at the dirty balled-up underwear and towel on the floor and keeps on moving, without so much as batting an eyelash.

You know you are a little bit non-New Yorker when you wish you had a sandwich to give to the homeless guy sitting down the subway car, resting his head on his duffel bag to get some sleep. A sandwich or a job.


Suffragettes said...

You could also be a parisian acting like that.

Anonymous said...

speaking of - i met some lady on the subway the other day (had quite the adventure together trying to get to work, so we bonded) and toward the end of our ride she said i must be new to the city, and i said not too new, almost been here 4 years, and asked why, and she said cause i was so nice & friendly. then she asked if i was italian, and i said not at all, and asked why, and she said cause i was so nice & friendly - and that's how she imagines italians (or some broad sweeping generalization like that). anyway, slightly different story, but similar point... thought you'd appreciate*