Advice for the weary

Tonight I had dinner with an old college friend in Bryant Park, after which we traded fiction pieces and workshopped them. Yes, folks, that is the kind of girl I am- Thirsty Thursday's got nothing on exploring personal fiction techniques.

But before we got to the fiction, we had a good talk about life. The past couple of days have been a little rough (blah, blah, you've heard it all before, I miss Paris, NY blows, nothing new to report here!) and I was asking him for some advice of how to get through days like these. Because this afternoon at work I thought my heart was going to explode of sadness right onto my new Mac screen. And then wouldn't that be an awkward moment!

So Jon's like, "Yeah, Jen, I have those moments sometimes. I had a couple of days like that last month." And his advice was to change things, little things, about my life here. Walk a different route home or eat a food you've never had before or hang out with someone you don't normally see. BREAK ROUTINE, was his point.

He also said that he finds himself feeling sad when he's being too much of something that he's not- too much of his boss' employee, too much of his girlfriend's boyfriend, too much of his brother's brother. And most importantly, not enough of himself.

And holy crap, but he might just have something there.

So new goal for this weekend: do a bunch of random different shit and see what happens. You guys want to try? Do something ridiculously unlike you and leave me a comment about it. I'm in the mood for good stories...


Suffragettes said...

Je ne suis pas sure d'avoir le courage de changer une once de ma petite routine fragile en ce moment mais j'y réfléchirai :-)
Gd luck for your experiences though !

Lindsay said...

Go to the beach in NJ! You are a short (45minute) train ride from Monmouth Beach- and you have a place to stay if you want to stay the night- My sister will take care of you! and that is something new and different! Hang in there Jen- and plan a nashville trip soon!
<3 linds

Sarah said...

Well this semester one of my students nominated me to throw out the first pitch at a Vandy baseball game. Nice gesture and all, except, of course, that I had to THROW the ball. So for four weeks I practiced-- don't throw 'like a girl', get it to home plate, no wild pitches, ect. Quite a feat for someone who loathes sports in general. Sadly, my big day was rained out BUT I am now on the sub list for Sarah's softball league. xoxox

Jen said...

I love these comments!

(Et le change, ca peut etre super-petit! Pomme verte au lieu de pomme rouge, par exemple... ;))

evelyn said...

come to my concert next saturday! your ears will definitely notice a change in routine!