Midtown Mornings

One of my favorite things about working in midtown is coming out of the subway through Grand Central everyday. I come out of this back staircase up onto the street and immediately there are two guys yelling at those of us clambering up the stairs.

"MORNING! MORNING, MORNING!" they yell, and try to shove free newspapers in our hands. I don't usually take one because I haven't really had time to read the paper in, say, six weeks. But when someone does accept their offerings, they have a little party about it.


It cracks me up, and I just love that these guys, who are probably paid minimum wage, bring such energy to getting news coverage to the cranky commuters in NYC. News coverage on NEWSPAPER.

You may remember that funny material; it used to be read every morning by people drinking coffee. Now it's been traded in for digital letters on tiny screens, and I predict, soon to be accompanied by virtual coffee- same great flavor, zero experience.

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