Nation-wide tour starting next week!

Goldie was listening to Ingrid Michaelson a few minutes ago in her room; she recently discovered the amazingness that is that girl and her songs. And so I'm sitting here at the kitchen table eating watermelon (a new obsession) and I put some Ingrid on and instantly it's last July and I'm playing her CD every. freaking. car. ride. all summer.

You know how certain CDs or songs are marked with a time or a person of your life? Well Ingrid Michaelson reminds me of summer and Yoga and Eat, Pray, Love and sun roofs and angst-filled nights when I was questioning lots of recent decisions. In those days, words like "I want to crawl back inside my mother's womb" were as comforting as mantras, and I held onto that underlying beat for dear life just to get through August.

I must have told you all this before, but this time I'm not kidding: GO. LISTEN. NOW.

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Suffragettes said...

She reminds me of India Arie ! Nice voice, easy listening music, I like it.