No one has a private jet when you need one...

I'm itchy to leave and go somewhere. Memorial Day weekend is staring me in the face, taunting me as my only day off in the near future.

I just spent an hour looking at last minute flights to Florida (good god, how I hate the state of Florida, but ANYTHING to get some sun...). Thanks to the powers that be in today's world, even flights to craptastic FL are $500. I keep shortening the search (how far up does the sun come? South Carolina? Virginia? D.C.? Can't I just open up a lawn chair on the White House lawn for a 3-day weekend?). Nothing appealing, nothing for the cash I'm willing to throw at it.

New issue of NIFW came out last week- check it. My music video with subtitles is something you Frenchies might appreciate.


Lindsay said...

I hear Nashville is sunny this time of year!! okay, so we don't have an ocean, or even a lake for that matter-- but your fellow mules are here : )

Anonymous said...

Start planning for Bombay next year! ;)-Tej