This would NEVER happen in a Paris metro.

Me: So yeah, Goldie was telling me all about that article, about why married men cheat on their wives.
Anne: Well, there are lots of married women who cheat on their husbands too.
Random man (who just got on the subway with his wife and daughter): Oh no! How can you girls be worried about this at your age? Are you talking about that article in New York magazine?
Me: Yes! So, you read it?
Man: Let me tell you something. The writer makes some argument about the biology behind it, which, I don't know, maybe part of that's true. But the whole argument about how men cheat on their wives because their sex lives are boring... I mean, come on.
Man's wife: The problem is that no one today realizes how much work goes into a marriage. It's like a job!
Man's daughter: You can believe them- they've been happily married for 35 years.
Man: That's true, very happily married... do you want to see a picture of my girlfriend?
Everyone laughs. Anne has to leave the subway to transfer, but I remain standing and the family sits down. Then, when they go to leave, the man touches my arm.
Man: You stay strong, ok? You're going to meet your Mr. Right.

It's strangely comforting that the very things I worry about are brought up by random strangers in the subway. All the time.

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Edith said...

oh i love this story!
yes would never happen in paris but this will totally happen in a Dublin bus or tramway :-)

p.s I had a conversation with about 5 or 6 strangers last night while we were queuing for a cab, talking about taxis, prices, europe and the lisbon treaty. yes talking about politics at 4 o clock in the morning with complete strangers. i love it!