Update from the African Siblings

I spend a lot of time explaining where my other DNA matches are in the world and what they're doing. Some of you ask about them; often I have vague answers like "she's helping to teach a village about AIDS" or "he's smelling lion's breath!" So, an update:

Who: Kate

Where: Togo

What the F is she doing there?: Peace Corps, finishes this winter

Update: I finally spoke with Kate on the phone this weekend and she seems to be much happier now that she's in Lome (the capital of Togo). She spent her first year out in a rural village and enjoyed the people but was pretty frustrated with the *work* portion of her assignment. She's now working for an organization in Lome, where she helps with the Peace Corps volunteer grant application process. To give you an idea of a typical day in Togo- she went out with friends and partied until very late one night last week. And then another night last week she woke up with a scorpion in her bed. Awesome!


Who: Steve-o

Where: Tanzania/Mount Kilimanjaro

What the F is he doing there?: Semester abroad, junior year; hiking Kilimanjaro this week because "yay, classes are finished!" Yes, I realize most other juniors celebrate by drinking beer.

Update: Steve comes home on Saturday. He spent three months studying large animals and the culture of Tanzania; he learned some Swahili and once he smelled some lion's breath on a safari. He will have a TRUCKLOAD of photos to share and that means that I get to SEE the view from the summit of Kili (as he so lovingly calls it) without actually climbing the damn thing. Also- I've spoken to him a couple of times on the phone since he left in February and every time he ends the conversation with "Wait, Jenny- ARE THERE NEW EPISODES OF THE OFFICE AND ARE THEY HILARIOUS?!" At least he has his priorities in check.

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ab said...

I hope you answered Steve's very valid question with: YES AND YESSSSS!!!!