What I was afraid of.

Last week I woke up one morning, heart pounding, tangled up, nightmare cliche. I dreamed that I'd gone back to Paris and called a bunch of friends to let them know I had arrived safely, but none of them were around. I got directions to the city and didn't recognize the way to get there. I was lost in Paris and Paris was lost to me.

I've been perpetually trying to go back for 10 days for the past six months, though changing jobs hasn't helped with the vacation time situation. Tonight I spent a few hours walking around Central Park with Fanny after work... I can feel that my language is slower and my vocab is slipping.

It's a freaking nightmare.

You guys out there who know or knew a language- how do you do it? How do you hold onto it? Advice for the linguistic-weary is welcome.

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Edith said...

i know! i've lost my spanish... well for now, because i know if i practise it for a week with spanish friends, it'll come back.

you can't really do anything, just read books in this language, watch movies, try reading out loud not to lose the accent, and then work on your vocabulary and grammar...
but i have to be honest, nothing will replace the fact to live abroad so you can practise this language every day.