*Good things are happening*

I had a busy weekend, the kind of weekend that probably requires an agent or personal assistant to oversee. Highlights of note:

- SATC with the girls: The depths to which I felt this movie is too much to write about on a blog. I can't find the words to explain it. So if you're curious, ask me sometime in person when you can look in my eyes and know that I'm not full of cheese.

- Transit concert: Ex-roomie Evelyn played a gig on Saturday night in a great little space in a Japanese cultural center. Here's the thing about contemporary music- it's difficult for me to appreciate and jive with. That being said, here's the thing about going to contemporary music concerts once in a while: it makes you a more interesting person. Learning to appreciate something hard and not entirely accessible does your brain good.

-Running: have I mentioned that I've started running? Have I mentioned that it's the most surprising and insane thing that has happened to me in my adult life? And that I sort of love it? And that I'm thinking about doing a 5k? I can't say that I run like the wind yet... so far I run like a little enthusiastic breeze.

-Comedy club: The last time I went to a comedy club, I was wearing a prom dress and acting pissed at the comedian for making cracks about my prom date. Tonight went more smoothly. Mike Birbiglia was pretty freaking funny.

-Writerly: Freelance + Writing + Covering Francophone-ness in NYC = awesome new gig

-Europe trip: Planned! Tickets bought! I'll be in Budapest, Clermont-Ferrand, and Paris (in that order) from July 3-14th. Do let me know if you'll be in any of those cities (or the airports of Frankfort or Rome, where I have layovers...). We should meet up!

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Edith said...

i'm going to SATC tonight!
i'm excited :-)