Green and not green, part II

This little blog turned 2 years old this weekend. Remember back in the beginning? That first tiny blog post is so sweet to me looking back on it now, and it took me so long to write. Look how the text is all screwed up around the photo in that post! Aw... I didn't know how to text wrap yet! Adorable.

I remember the ordeal it was to find a topic for my first post. I was loathe to do the typical "Hi everyone, and welcome to my world!" Instead, I wanted it to feel like it started in the middle of a conversation, as if my thoughts on virtual paper had existed for 20-some years and you were just now tuning in.

Speaking of you, HI! Thanks for coming to FOL so often and sometimes commenting (which I love) and sometimes emailing (which I also love) and sometimes just reading quietly (which I completely understand). You're an important part of the equation because you make up that funny term: THE AUDIENCE. Sometimes I think a lot about what will make you laugh and what you'd find useful to know about the places I go. Sometimes I take photos just for you and once in a while I do something a little wacky partially because I think you might find it amusing later on. I like knowing you're out there, having your own lives around the globe- it makes the world feel a little less unknown.

This pic is from Central Park this afternoon and it was snapped in a section of the Park that I'd never been to before. I'm feeling good about this weekend and the new-ness that happened. From Lucky Charms for breakfast to a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge to discovering a new jazz club and playing pool, it all felt very much like carving a space for myself in this big city. I've also made some good plans for summer travel, including a trip to la France that makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Tonight I published a piece of fiction in the new issue of NIFW, an act that comes with lots of nervous feelings and energy around it. Does that sound crazy? To be completely comfortable writing about wearing my underwear inside-out and yet an anxious wreck upon publishing something fictive?

Well, that's how it goes, guys. You can't be brave in everything you do, but you can try. And now that I think about it, let's make that the slogan for Year 3 of blogging:

FOL: attempting bravery as often as possible.

Do it up!

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