Monday re-cap

A new NIFW issue published last night, guys, and in it is a little Dad's Day tribute to the Padre. Also, there is a picture of me with my Dad that is not unlike this one:

I'm not sure what I'm looking so jovial about in all these little kid pictures. I guess life was pretty damn good back then, pre-heartache, pre-work, and pre-solid foods. It does not escape me that I'm always scrunching up my nose in these photos either; I make the same face after a couple of glasses of Chardonnay.


What is up with women reading porn novels in the subway every morning? I am truly shocked and amazed by the reading material headed uptown on the 4/5 trains. Sometimes if it's crowded I get a porn novel shoved in my face; just reading the blurb on the back makes me embarrassed.

Ladies- do you really want to be reading that on the way to WORK at 9am? Isn't there a more suitable time?! I'm only thinking of your needs here...


And let's end things with a little nostalgia from the lovely Sarah Mclo...

Me: Oh man, it just started pouring here.
Sarah: What? How can I go out and get food now?
Me: Wait, is it raining in your part of town?
Sarah: Yeah, I just looked out the window.
Me: We're so close that the same clouds are raining on us!
Sarah: Maybe we should sing "Somewhere Out There" together.

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