NY Neighbors

Yesterday I got on the subway and someone made room for me to sit next to them. Then at the next stop, I made room for someone to sit next to me. By the time we were at the third stop, everyone was sort of smiley and friendly in our area of the car.

And then a homeless man came in.

People ask me for money in the subway on a daily basis; it's interesting to note how homeless or unlucky people ask others for help in different cities. In Paris, the method of asking is playing the accordion. In New York, it seems to be sheer honesty.

"I'm sorry to bother you all this evening, but I'm homeless and I'm pretty hungry tonight."

A man next to me reached into his pocket, I reached into mine, the woman next to me smiled and pulled out her wallet. By the end of it, the guy walked away with about $6 from our corner of the car.

And me? I walked away with a renewed belief in community.

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