Se parler en français, ça fait du bien.

I have a goofball tendency to talk to myself when I run. Not all the time (and certainly not at an audible volume), but usually when I'm nearing the end. And here's the thing- it always comes out in French.

"Ca va, c'est pas grave, t'as presque fini!" I told myself tonight, nearing Borough Hall. "On est bientot a Starbucks et puis Barnes et Noble et puis le cinema et puis l'eglise- et puis enfin, l'appart!" (And if that isn't the most universal sentence to describe an American city, I don't know what is!)

"Bravo, regard ce que tu as fait!" I told myself the other night, finishing up a 30-minute marathon (or at least, what seemed like a marathon only weeks ago).

I'm not sure why things are coming out like that. My days on the Elliptical at NYSC were spent silently cursing at myself to go faster and threatening my own body (Come on! Your sister lives in AFRICA! You can hang on another 10 minutes!). But for some reason, running- and in particular, running outside- has helped me to be a little patient with myself. Maybe because it's such uncharted territory for me and my expectations aren't high to begin with.

It's really easy to get upset with yourself for not doing or being better at everything. But what I'm literally doing when I run- talking to myself using different language- may be a solution in learning how to be kinder to yourself. 'Speaking to oneself in French' could mean 'giving yourself a break.'

And thus a new expression is coined!


Kate said...

"du courage!" that's what the togolese say to me when I'm running in lome and it is really motivating!

bec said...

hahaha. . like a page out of my life. i do the same thing, and oddly enough, en francais.