Brooklyn Newsletter: Month Seven

Dear Brooklyn,

If you are reading this, then the future is now. Or it is here. And I am in the past. Or am I? More probably, I am sitting around the Tuileries in Paris, enjoying some sun, eating a pain au chocolat. Jealous? I thought so.

Life here in Brooklyn has been sweet over the past month, despite our dear Sarah Mclo moving out. I've now strolled over to her new place a couple of times and it's actually really nice to have a friend within such a walkable distance. I also get a kick out of seeing her living with Justin; it doesn't seem so long ago that we were both far from having love and now to see her so happy, well it gives a girl hope.

No sooner had Sarah moved out, but our landlord decided to pay us a visit- and hike the rent up. Kind of way up. Kind of up so much that you wonder if you shouldn't stop buying the generic brand of toilet paper. It's not going to kill us (and it remains to be seen if it will make us stronger, as the saying goes), but it sure is going to put a damper on my secret plans to get another massage for my 3-month anniversary at work.

If you must know, the truth is that I'm writing this the night before I leave for my European vacation. This afternoon I got an email from Celine in Paris, who has offered to pick me up at the airport when I arrive from Budapest. Then Maddy wrote with directions to her apartment. Then Erica told me she'd lend me her adapter so I can charge my camera battery. And I kind of sat there, in stunned silence at my desk, because I am going to see friends, good friends, friends who get really, really excited when they find out you're going to be on their continent.

And one day when I have kids, this is what I hope for them: I hope that they make and retain the kind of friendships that I've been lucky enough to develop with people around the world. I hope that they too make reconnecting with those friends a real priority in their lives. Because when you do that? You never really feel like you're leaving home.


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