Buda to the Pest, here I come.

Things I actually did that I wanted to today:
- pack
- laundry
- call Mom

Things I didn't get to do:
- Infinity.

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane. I'm sure I've made that joke before on this blog, haven't I? No? It's so obvious. Ah well, it's past midnight and I've been drained of my energy. I'm a slug. A zombie slug. A sleepy zombie slug.

And... that's when we wrap this show up, folks. Stick around... technology has some presents for you while I'm away.

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Anonymous said...

are you having blogs set post themselves at certain dates/times?! i sure hope so. or maybe you'll have Dooce post for you while you're gone? ...And Dutch? And Alice? And the whole gang?

Bon voyage!!!

xoxox sar