During tonight's Yankee game

Eliza: Oh, listen to A-Rod's song.
Me: He picks his own song? That they play when he comes up to bat?
E: Yeah, I think that's how it works.
M: What would your song be? If you were a baseball player?
E: Ohhhh that's a tough one!
M: What song gets you PUMPED at the gym?
E: Hm... ok, I'd have to go with "Maneater." What about you?
M: It's kind of embarrassing.
E: Tell me.
M: Kelly Clarkson. 'Miss Independent.'
E: Ooh, I do love Kelly Clarkson.
M: You know what? For the longest time, I thought the first lyrics to that song were: "Miss Independent, Miss Obstetrician." And I could never figure out what the hell that was supposed to mean!
E: (choking on her hot dog) 'Miss I went and got my medical degree!'
M: Then years later, I found out it was 'Miss Self-Sufficient.' You know, either way, pretty hard core.

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