Self-anger might be the worst kind.

This morning I thought about how New York is a good city to be angry in. It's a great place for stomping on metal grates in the sidewalk, it's a satisfying place to perfect your pissed look, it's the perfect environment for piling up reasons why the world blows lately.

I spent the morning listening to Ani DiFranco; perhaps that clues you in to my state of mind.

My friend Sima at work got the brunt of it on IM this morning and just brought me this beautiful flower. She said I'm supposed to take my negative energy and put it in a ball, throw it out towards space, and replace it with this ball-shaped flower. How poetic is that?!

It reminded me of getting ready to leave this morning. I wished I had something to wear that reminded me of good things. Like a necklace or ring or something. Inevitable Etsy shopping experience coming soon.

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