Slowly but surely, the photos dribble in

One of the worst parts about coming back from vacation is facing the piles of shit you meant to do before you left. And that, in a panic on the way to the airport, you vowed to yourself you would take care of IMMEDIATELY upon walking in the door when you got back.

And that 6 days later you still haven't done.

I can't decide if the phenomenon of feeling overwhelmed by Things To Do is purely a New York creation, a truth that exists no matter where you are in 2008, or simply the nature of humanity. The list of people I have to call and get in touch with since I'm back is so overwhelming that I can't find it in myself to even call one person. Like my Mom.

Here is what I have done: I've upgraded my Flickr account to Pro so that I can put my photos up there. Flickr Pro! I know! It's quite a commitment. I've also uploaded photos from Budapest and included descriptions. So if you're looking for a way to pass the hot and sweaty hours of your Sunday in New York, check them out.

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bird man said...

yo sucka,

add me to your 'to call' list. i'm dying out here in the f'ing desert.