Snail mail: there's nothin' like it.

I had a good talk tonight with new roomie Jill about being the kind of person who wants to change the world, or at least put positive vibes into it. Here's something easy that makes me feel really good every time I do it:

The magazines pile up. It's inevitable. I get The New Yorker every week, a monthly Yoga magazine (free for a year with a membership thing), Poets and Writers, and Glamour. The latter appeals to the side of myself that likes reading about eye shadow while I'm at the gym.

In any event, they pile up. And once every few months or so, I go through all the old issues and I rip out the articles that were really good. I make a huge pile of articles and clips and cartoons and funny ads and then I write people's names on top of them. Like "Dad" or "Steve" or "Skersh." And then? Then I stick them in note cards, mail them to the people, and recycle the magazine carcasses.

It takes an hour and costs a couple of stamps, but it feels like a million bucks. Try it!

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