Sunny in the Heart

New York is a hard city to love sometimes. For as incredibly diverse and accepting as it is of all hairstyles and definitions of the term "New Yorker," readjusting to the city that never sleeps after the gorgeous blue skies of Europe is never without hiccups.

Today was no exception.

One of my Mom's good friends has breast cancer and just heard news recently that her battle is going to get a fair bit tougher. This morning my Dad forwarded me the link to the blog her daughter started to keep everyone up-to-date on Shauna's battle and it really got to me. Not in the way where I went to the bathroom and fell apart while at work, but it was a little like someone smacked me across the face with a dose of reality and said "hey, you- the one who likes to analyze everything down to the smallest detail, the one who tries to plan things that shouldn't be planned- SHUT YOUR FACE." And I had to agree.

Just now I was sitting here putting the last remaining photos on Flickr and some Weepies songs came on; for the first time in my life, I longed for San Francisco. I've visited San Fran once before, but have never been attracted to living there in the least (weather seems too chilly). I think it's more the spirit of San Francisco that's attracting me; surely there are people there who take risks and smile often and like to go exploring after work. There must be boys who like lounging around with Chinese food, girls who want to learn the guitar, people who want to make connections. The stark contrast of what I imagine life in San Francisco to be like compared to life in New York, well I think it's just a sign of feeling a bit stuck lately.

So you know what? Onwards and upwards, guys. Here's to finding a little bit of San Fran's spontaneity here in New York...

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