I gotta spend more time in this Borough.

Lux to the ury
The lovely Anna (of Middlebury in Paris) brunched with me last weekend and lent me this book, which I have been glued to ever since. It's insanely detailed about things I knew nothing about (Coco Chanel! How to make perfume! The Japanese!) and for some reason, it's fascinating and not snobby, like you'd assume.

Since I started the book on Sunday, I've decided that I need to be a bit more luxury-oriented in my life, and by that I mean that I should get my shit together. Like make my bed in the morning. And eat my lunch in the kitchen instead of at my desk. And wash my face before bed even when I'm tired and cranky. Small steps towards a classier me.

Bloomberg and the hot dogs
I headed to the Brooklyn Public Library tonight after work. There was a crowd of people outside the entrance to the park and a few people on a stage. As I sifted my way through the group, I noticed a hot dog stand with a sign: FREE HOT DOGS. "Holy crap!" I thought, and immediately got on line.

"Shit, is that Bloomberg?!" I asked the guy in front of me.
"Yeah, that's the mayor," he said and then he told me that the rally was against crime. One of the men on stage with Bloomberg reminded us to tell our friends who have guns that they must be registered. Ah, America.

After my library shopping, I passed through the rally again and this time stumbled into free BBQ chicken! Cookies! Ice Cream! Soda! Cotton freakin' candy!

This just in: dreams really do come true.

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