I like watching the track and field events for the Olympics, mostly because a small part of me loves seeing us get our asses kicked so badly. Isn't it interesting how some countries dominate certain sports? The Africans (and Jamaicans) rock out the running every time. I love it.


Today I wore my new Obama tee-shirt for the first time. It was part of my "hungover and basically dead" look. I noticed people were nicer to me in the bagel store and Starbucks. Do they also love Obama? Or do they recognize a post-bachelorette party hangover when they see one?


Last night Sarah and I were talking about e.e. cummings at the party (obviously). "Well remember how you loved him since you saw that movie with Cameron Diaz a few years ago and she read that poem at her sister's wedding?" she said. Just this spring I bought a book of e.e. cummings' poetry in Grand Central one morning on a whim and stumbled across the most beautiful poem of all time. Never once had I imagined that I'd already encountered the poem years earlier.

"I mean, when I went to see the movie, I looked for that part because you'd talked about it so much," she continued. "You don't remember?!"

Vaguely, a memory came to me of watching that movie and being incredibly touched by the wedding scene. Vaguely, and then stronger, I remembered Cameron reading a poem about a heart.

"Oh my god, you're so right!" I exclaimed, a bit tipsy. "I'm the same as myself! I'm still affected by the same things! I'm still the same self!"


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bec said...

fyi... we HAVE been rocking in track and field. true, jamaicans are amazing, but we're still holding our own: http://2008games.nytimes.com/olympics/results.asp?sport=RUN