I was never much of a concert-goer. If the concerts came to me, well, I'd probably attend. Like when Guster came to Muhlenberg and Leigh and I befriended each other in the front row waiting for them to come onstage. I'd walked about 40 steps from the ML dorm; not much of an investment.

I do, however, love music and whatever I'm listening to is typically indicative of my mood. A few weeks ago at work I was playing around with my IM settings and chose one with music notes. "Ah yes, I AM listening to music, this is a good one for me," I thought. And then, four hours later, realized that AIM was actually TELLING people what I was listening to. I may or may not have been listening to one song for four hours straight. That song may or may not have been a show tune. Yikes.

I never know what the correct response is at a concert. When the band plays a song I love, I just want to sing and be involved and maybe crawl on stage and look deeply into the lead singer's eyeballs. Clearly, this is not permitted. I find concert behavior to be both intensely intimate and necessarily distant at the same time, so I don't often go. In a perfect world, I'd attend a concert in a cubicle with a clear view of the stage; privately permitted to show the emotion I want to feel, still accessing the magic that is a concert crowd.

A few of us from work went to see Margot and the Nuclear So-and-sos last week and it was pretty ok. I only know a few of their songs, so much of my concert experience was spent wondering about what it must be like to look out and see people affected by you. And how many of the boys in the band were in love with the pianist and how many she'd kissed. My mind is a bit too wander-y at a concert for music that I don't know inside and out.

Bon Iver is coming in December and I am not even hesitating, I am GOING. Bon Iver makes me feel better just seeing his name. Bon Iver makes me believe in the kind of love story that sends a broken man into a log cabin all winter to write about a broken love. I imagine him wearing flannel and chopping wood to build a fire he will moan and croon to later that evening. His music is, of course, more beautiful than most because it seems to come out of a necessity, a therapeutic need to glob feelings onto some form of art, just to get them away from himself, just to have a moment's peace.

In fact, Bon Iver is a group of 3 guys, but I always think of the main guy, Justin. That's probably very unfair to the other two, but hey, ONE GUY went into the woods. If Bon Iver's in your city, RUN to buy tickets. If not, download For Emma, Forever Ago and sway a little in the privacy of your bedroom. It's alright, no one's watching.


Jessica said...

Oh Jen. I love bon iver so much. and that post. and you.

The_Writer said...

Definitely don't miss Bon Iver live. He's amazing. Speaking of other artists you like, Daytrotter recently did a session with Ingrid Michaelson. You should check it out: http://daytrotter.com/article/1383/ingrid-michaelson