Stuff, Wednesday.

1. Last night, Jill and I watched Hillary speak from the Democratic Convention and holy, holy, was THAT good. I just want to live in the America Hillary talks about! Is that so much to ask for?! I also would like for the Clintons to adopt me and then Chelsea and I can run for Prez and VP someday when we're 35+. I am dying to see Bill tonight and Obama tomorrow... though I happen to have plans with a boy tomorrow night and wonder if it is impolite to say "hey, having a great time, but can we cut this short so I can go be excited about the future?"

2. Back-to-School is getting me in the MOOD for learning! I can't tell you how many awesome lectures and readings and smart festivals I've stumbled upon over the past few days. Like this one. Or this! Or DEFINITELY this one. Too bad I do not have an expendable "Get Smart" budget. Must work on this in 2009.

3. I've had the worst writer's block at work when it comes to writing the monthly blog post I'm supposed to contribute. I don't know what's wrong with me; I think it's that I'm just so unsure of the audience and do not know what they want to hear. My instinct is to write about my FEELINGS (um, obvi) and well, that doesn't seem very professional. I'll post a link once I pull something together and that way I'll feel a little comforted knowing that MY PEOPLE are possibly reading as well and not just faceless, Tech people on their iPhones.

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