Dear Michael Phelps,

Alright, I have to ask: what are you listening to on that iPod? Angels trumpeting? Instructions from your dolphin overlords? Kelly Clarkson?


P.S. If you procreate with Natalie Coughlin, your baby might have gills.


Umbrae said...

I've heard it's rap.

steven michael said...

i've heard cello experiment...or ben folds...or enya

i'm freakin excited for nifw this friday..is it near ready?

- chef steve

Edith said...

ha.he is amazing, and hot.

Edith said...

"Planet Earth, the documentary, is pretty much all I've been watching,"


(but it doesn't say what he's listening to)

Anonymous said...

Had that same exact convo/line of questioning with Justin. We were saying it would make the best This American Life story... to hear a story from 3-4 olympians about what they're listening to, and kind of do a study on the music and results and all that jazz. How great would that be? Maybe we should tell Ira?