Packing it up and moving to Poland.

Ha! Did I get you? Were you concerned for a minute? Or maybe casually surprised? "Moving to Poland," you might have said to yourself. "What will she think of next?"

I'm not really moving to Poland; I'm moving to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I hesitate to write about it here because I don't sign the lease for another two weeks and I'm a little bit neurotically superstitious about this kind of crap. On the other hand, I've already told the roommates and so either way, I'm going to need some kind of home come November 1.

There are several really awesome things about this move. Here they are, in no particular order:
1. I will have my own place. Therefore, dinner parties will abound.
2. Possibility of getting a cat increases by 100%.
3. I will be surrounded by Polish people. Seriously. Polish bakeries, Polish diners, Polish grandfathers playing cards in the park around the corner from my place. I cannot wait to learn some basic Polish vocabulary to converse with the locals.
4. Change is good. Change is also freaking scary, especially when it involves new financial responsibilities and different subway routes. But ultimately, change is going to be really, really good.

There are so many secondary positive aspects to this move like an opportunity to focus the next 11 months of my life on my writing, on getting to know a new part of New York, on subletting a furnished apartment that (oddly enough) seems to have been designed for me.

Speaking of newness, new issue of NIFW published this evening. Enjoy.

P.S. Obama '08.

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