So I told Andy I would do this race with him a few months ago, and while I had been training for a while, I kind of lost the motivation. By that I mean that instead of running at night, I would sit on the couch and eat chips and guacamole and watch Democrats talk on TV.

Andy has been adamant that I get good running sneakers and I have been lazy on this front, mostly for two reasons:
1. That sounds expensive.
2. That makes this race a reality.

I dragged my ass to the sports store after work tonight and bought some running shoes. And boy, was I into it! I tried on 6 different pairs. I tried on socks. I jumped around the store. I got involved in conversations with fellow shoe shoppers who had run marathons, one of whom directed me to a website to get myself in shape for this upcoming 5k.

As I was getting ready to leave to go for a run earlier tonight, I cornered Jill in the living room.

"Jill, what do I tell myself if I want to stop running?"
"Tell yourself you want to look good for the wedding."
"Ok, that's good. What else? Obama! I want to run for Obama."
"Is this race FOR anything? What about that?"
"Yes! Good one! I want to run for breast cancer survivors- for my Nana and Shauna. And to look good at my 5-year reunion. And to feel healthy."
"Ok, so if you get through all those reasons and you still want to stop..."
"Yeah, I know. I'll be a total loser."

SO GUESS WHAT. I ran. Non-stop. 2.5 miles. In my new shoes. And new socks. And I didn't even need the motivations we'd dreamed up as leverage. What this means is that I have some hope of not keeling over and dying of a heart attack during this 5K shindig.

I think we can also learn a good lesson about the beneficial aspects of avocados, particularly that eating them nightly with yellow corn chips for dinner can do wonders for your running times.


Erica said...

i'm so proud of you, Epting! Go kick that 5k's butt !!!

New shoes always make you run faster. i'm not sure if it's psychological or not, but it's true.

Can't wait to hear about your race!

Lindsay said...

Hi Jen! Here is another good running website:
I used it to train for my first 5K last spring!

Suffragettes said...

Trop forte ta conclusion poulette. Je suis fière de toi !! La course pour laquelle je m'entraîne depuis 10 semaines arrive dimanche. Ce soir j'ai couru 9km. On se sent tellement survivor après.
By the way, guess what ? I'm having a phone interview this week for a job... in the US :-)

Chefesq said...

Thanks for the link to the Hal Higdon page. I'm going to try and do the "Grand Prix" of half marathons (all the boroughs) next year. If you ever need a Brooklyn running budding, let me know.