The swankiest of them all.

So Katie tells me she's staying at some Hilton on West 58th Street, so we head over tonight to drop her off. And realize it's not a Hilton hotel, but rather The Hudson, the swankiest hotel shit I have EVER seen. How swanky, you're wondering? Well, there was RAP MUSIC playing in the elevator. And the lobby was so dark that I needed bat sonar to find the bathroom. And we are TOTALLY getting dressed up and having drinks in her rooftop bar sometime this week after work.

I rode up the elevator with her to check out her room and we almost died with the swankiness of it all. Instead of dying though, we ran around the room and took pictures of everything and had an impromptu photo shoot, which I believe is most probably how people like Lindsay Lohan react every time she shows up at a new hot hotel.

"Don't you think it's sad that some people lose their sense of excitement when they stay in hotels like these all the time?" she asked, as we flipped through the breakfast menu ($17.50 for pastries and tea).
"I feel like you can only lose your excitement if you don't have someone to share it with," I said.

And then we got excited again and looked at the $50 hairdryer in the bathroom and checked out the view. Here are a few pics from The Hudson, and linking you to the rest of the batch.


Anonymous said...

u always take the best pics!

Maddy said...


I know - for every DELICIOUS looking cake and every heavenly cocktail you have to buy an extra Maddy one too, d'accord?

Love you both, gros bisoooouuus,
Mad xxxxxxxxxxx

Suffragettes said...

Tu es trop marrante