The things you can rush and those you can't.

Helpful things to do when you are trying to renovate a certain part of your life*:

1. Watch funny shows or movies.
2. Find new music. Erase old music from iPod. Insert new music.
3. Clean closet. Throw out old shoes.
4. Busy up schedule. Walk dogs. Learn Spanish. Give brain new content to obsess over.
5. Try new drink at bars.
6. Smile more at strangers.
7. Avoid songs on repeat.
8. Get perspective by whatever means possible. Walk on a bridge. Sit on the steps in Grand Central. Park yourself on a bench and watch people.
9. Pay bills. Arrange desk. Feel productive.
10. Wait. Longer.

*No guarantees. At least, not yet.

P.S. Obama '08.

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Edith said...

once your ipod is updated with new music, put all tracks on shuffle, you'll be surprised to discover you actually have some great songs by artists that you don't even know...
and try some new food: when you're shopping, always try to buy one new item (a vegetable you've never tasted -and you don't even know how to cook it... google is here for you!-, or cookies, or a new drink, or a foreign product etc)