Thwarted by Tequila

Jess was telling me the other day about how she keeps waking up at 4:30am for no reason this week. I woke up at 2:48 and now I can't go back to sleep. Can things like that be contagious?

I already have the dull pangs of a hangover because last night a bunch of work buddies and I went out for Margaritas the size of my FACE. I never have Tequila (Spring Break '03 in Vegas cured that!) and I suppose the reintroduction of that vile stuff could be the reason behind my interrupted sleep habits.

It's a nice time of night to be awake though; there's no noise outside, except for the guy who watches the fruit at the stand across the street. From time to time, he'll move his chair around or clear his throat. Probably trying to stay awake among the bananas.

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