"Please cheer louder, I need to hear you."

So there was this moment today during the race, a little less than halfway through the course, when we were passing groups of spectators and they were all sort of standing around watching us run past. Every once in a while they would clap a few times and then stop. And I thought: "Please cheer louder, I need to hear you."

This became a mantra, something I repeated in my head for the next few minutes or so, and as the running got tougher, the more I craved someone cheering me on. For anyone who has ever been a spectator, know this: THE CHEERING HELPS. It is the only thing that helps. At the moment when you are pissed to know you're only halfway done and wishing you'd trained a bit more, the only thing that helps is having people yell the cheesiest shit in your direction.

Clearly there's no need to dot the i's and cross the t's on this metaphor; running and living are literary soulmates.

Long story short, I finished the race. I held it together (despite a last-minute panic over leaving my iPod at home and borrowing Dave's iPhone) and finished in 30 minutes, 24 seconds. And when I crossed the finish line and people handed me water and bananas and granola bars, I kind of fell apart for 2 minutes; it was a really overwhelming feeling to feel like you clawed your way through something you never thought you could.

Overwhelming and awesome.


Sniebler said...

Congratulations, Jepting!! You rock. Are you doing another one sometime (or have you had your fill of running forever)? :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm so proud of you!

avi said...


Jen said...

Sneibs- ha! Actually, there's a possibility of a 10k with work people in December. I am considering it... races are great motivation to actually work out- you know, motivated by fear of physical and mental public humiliation, and all that jazz. ;)

Lindsay Bramson said...

Felicidades Jen! Great Job! I hope you got a cool t-shirt out of it too!!