Reaching out.

"So do you get back to Russia often?"
"Well, I've been here for 6 months and I've been back twice... I'm going again at the end of October."
"Wow! How long will you be going for?"
"Well, I usually try to take a Friday and a Monday."
"Wait. You go to Russia for the WEEKEND?"
Katerina (from Spanish class) laughs. "Yeah, I know. But I plan a lot for the time I'm there. Like, I get my haircut at my normal place and see the doctor or dentist if I need to."
"Holy crap- you go to Russia for a HAIRCUT!"
"Well, I went for my birthday because it was soon after I got here and I didn't know anybody... you know, it's not really how you want to spend your birthday."
"Do me a favor. Take my number. Call me if you need anything in this country; I completely understand."

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