"Were you out running this morning?"
"Yeah, I'm training for that 10k..."
"How did it go?"
"Pretty good, actually... I think it helps that I went to bed at 9:30."

This evolution is strange. Yesterday, inspired by this 10k training program (I'd used the 5k to prepare for last Sunday's race), I poked around the sports shop near work and brought home two 5lb free weights and a green jump rope. $18.45 invested in preparation. The thought crossed my mind as I swiped my credit card: "I wonder at what point these will get donated to charity, donate-able from lack of use."

Then this morning I ran a loop, all the way down Court Street and back up Smith. Not much was open, though shopkeepers hurled up their heavy gates as I jogged into my second mile. The air was chilly and though it's polluted, it feels cleaner to breathe pre-8am.

"I can do this for 8 weeks," I thought. "It's almost nice to be awake so early, to see the city in its groggy state."

It's as if I still don't believe this running is my hobby, that I've borrowed it from someone else for a while, that I'll give it back as soon as they need it. I'm still on training schedules, still holding tightly to race deadlines for motivation. Running is not a pleasure yet; rather, it's an obligation.

We all have to eat our vegetables.

"Yeah, you didn't have to drag yourself out of bed."
"Exactly. And also, it was only 2.5 miles. It didn't seem like such a high number."
"Sounds pretty high to me!"
"Ha, well three months ago, it was high for me too."

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