Yesterday, en route to the Post Office

"How many passport photos do you need?"
"Two, please. Is that the camera you're going to use?"
"Yes, that's the one."
"Can you tell me where to look? Because last time I did this, the guy wasn't very specific, and I look pretty ridiculous in my passport, and you know, I'm just concerned because passports stay with you for ten years!"
"Really? Ten years?"
"Yep, last time I got a passport, I was 17."
"Ok miss, smile."
"Wait, where do I-"


Ten new years of travel with a side of awkward smiling, coming up. Sigh.

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Maddy said...

In the US does a PERSON take your passport picture?? How quaint! The only country I've ever been to where there's a person rather than a machine is Thailand....

Happy Thursday from gai Paree ma belle xxxxx