Feeling grateful.

Tonight we are reunited, all five of us, full of stories and giggles and guitars and "have you seen this movie!?" and "you DON'T know this band?!" and "hey did you get a haircut?" The cats are confused with all the commotion and scuttle back and forth, cautiously sniffing the bags of laundry we've brought home. It's been years since we've all been in the same country for Thanksgiving.

There are times when the pangs of missing Paris hit hard, times when I mourn a different life that I gave up to come back home. But sitting in our family room tonight with everyone reunited... it's one of my main reasons for coming back.

The past year has been so incredible, I can barely recognize the sobbing girl in Yoga class of a year ago. I'm so lucky to love my job and my friends and my apartment and my new cat. And my new president.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys. Enjoy the turkey and pie.


Erica said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jen !!!

Mer said...

aww, this was so very sweet :-) hope it was a wonderful holiday for you and your family!