Four days left

Well first of all, let me apologize for the non-postingness that's been going on around this here blog. A few people have expressed their concern in email and in person ("so what's this, you move to Greenpoint and you stop posting? What the eff?"), and the reason is really the most timeless reason of them all: lack of Internet. After the first glorious evening of stolen Internet came a solid four days of drought. Now, however, things are BACK ON because the awesome people I work with had a trickly little device that lets you get Internet anywhere on the planet. I am borrowing this until Verizon throws me a DSL bone in mid-November. Yay for modernity!

I know that everyone's wondering how life in Greenpoint is and so here it is: imagine a place where you can walk around in your underwear while eating candy corn and spend your Friday evening watching 20/20 and drinking a glass of wine and writing letters and then spending your Saturday reading a book in the park that's one block from your house and then making dinner party plans for all of your smart, lovely friends to sit around and talk about smart, lovely things. Also imagine that that place is where your friends are going to come to celebrate Election Day '08, otherwise known as *The Day We Are Most Hopeful About*.

Incidentally, I am busy writing an Obama article for NIFW, which should be published later today. I won't give anything away, but I think you can probably tell who I'm voting for on Tuesday. Hot damn, it feels good to believe in something.

Obama '08.

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