Giggling with the Visa girl. Sometimes I love humanity.

Visa service girl: Ok Miss, how can I help you tonight?

Me: Well, I'm just calling to give you guys a heads up that I'm leaving the country for Morocco tomorrow so that my card doesn't get blocked if I need to use it over there.

VSG: Wow, what a coincidence- the guy that called before you was going to Morocco too!

Me: No kidding... well, maybe he's my soulmate.

VSG: That's crazy, he also lives in New York. Are you an artist too?

Me: Nope, but I do love artists! Well, this trip is really shaping up!

VSG: He's coming back the same day as you too... maybe you'll be on the same plane.

Me: Ok, what's your name?

VSG: Antoinette.

Me: Ok Antoinette, here's what I promise you. If that guy is my soulmate and we meet in Morocco, you're coming to the wedding. I will call this number and ask for you. Promise.

VSG: That sounds great, I could really use a vacation! Is that all I can help you with today?

Me: Yep, we're good. Thanks for the heads up about the dude, Antoinette.

VSG: No problem; good luck meeting your soulmate!


Erica said...

bon voyage! enjoy your time in Morocco ... can't wait to hear all about it !


Edith said...

excellent! good luck with the soulmate encounter!

(i'm going to marocco in january, do you think i will find my soulmate there too? ;-)

ev said...

haaaaaaaaaaa i love it. perhaps if you don't meet him before the trip back, you can ask, "can all visa cardholders on this aircraft please stand up?"...and then look for the hot artist guy.

Anonymous said...

first a stranger on the subway gave you hope of a soulmate (that guy w/ his fam), now VSG, what next? maybe the newscaster will look directly into the camera and tell you where to go to find him...

btw, the 'word verificateion' below looks surprisingly like inertia. (it's "inateria") - i think that's cool - i wonder if they ever DO end up spelling real words? probably.


Anonymous said...

wow that is kinda crazy - hope you meet him!! Have fun in Morocco!