Oscar the Wonder Cat

There's a ton of stuff to write about lately, but the most recent news is that I'm going to have a little buddy living with me starting from this Saturday! Here he is, Oscar Epting:

He was abandoned in the Bronx and is about 4-5 years old. He is also a good snuggler and loves it when you pet his head. I set up a litter box for him under the sink and newly purchased bowls in the kitchen for his food and water. It's strange, but even just adding one other living being to the house makes it feel like a home.

More stories later about Oscar, Morocco and life. For now, I'm nursing a stupid Moroccan cold in bed. Can't wait to get this guy home to Greenpoint!


Anonymous said...

Wowww... He's handsome!!!! Have fun with him...


Leigh said...

That cat looks puuuuurfect.
(yeah. I went there.)