Sarah sent us a short survey to fill out; she's working on something creative for us for Xmas. "What is your dream vacation?" I pause before typing my response. After all this traveling, where the hell is my dream vacation?

I visualize a globe, spin it slowly in my mind. Nothing jumps out. I reflect back to places I've always wanted to go and that's where I find it: Pompeii. Since 11th grade Latin class, it was Pompeii that fascinated me and gave context to the people who once spoke this since dead language. It isn't the most obvious choice for dream vacations, but no one's judging. I think I'll wait for someone awesomely curious to join me. Dream vacations shouldn't be done alone.

For now though, the itch to travel is scratched. I am surprisingly content to write and watch Christmas TV shows as Oscar snores next to me. Travel can wait. Suddenly a bunch of other priorities have pushed ahead in line.

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