Winter thoughts.

When I think about it from the gut, without involving the number, I feel uber-comfortable with what I've done and who I've become up to this point in my life. But it's the number that does me in every time. Last night Jess came over for dinner and for some reason it came up in conversation that I'll be 28 years old in about a month. I typed an email this morning and wondered if the hands typing look like 28-year old hands. I passed a store window tonight and wondered how old someone might think I am if they didn't know me, if they saw me on the street, in a bar, at the library, on line at the grocery store.

Having a birthday in January is always so intense because I just about finish getting my New Year's resolutions figured out when I have to confront a whole new age. Last year, I flipped out and refused to celebrate my birthday at all. Leaving 26 seemed beyond believable and I essentially waited out the uncomfortableness of owning 27 until a good four months later when it slid into natural. It's funny about ages, isn't it? Suddenly you wake up and it's Easter and you feel your age again, transition complete.

28 is not insignificant either. It's a good pile of years, a heavy history of song lyrics and commutes home and sideways glances. It's a blur of Christmases and glasses of water and clean socks. It's truly amazing to contemplate all of these elements that make up a life.

Here is a song that I am loving this winter. And here is a post I wrote for work about being part of the software process- I promise that it's geared towards a non-tech audience. Check it if you dare.

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